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I have a currency module containing Line Items, Time and Version with the line items as currency codes and the values as exchange rates.  This has Line items as rows, Time as columns and Version as a page. I have a details module that contains amounts in local currency and a currency indicator. In another module I want to be able to select the exchange rate from the Currency Module based on the currency indicator in the detail module. I have tried various combinations of lookup and select but to no avail. Any pointers gratefully received.

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    Hi Tim,

    To get this to work you'll want to first create a list made up of your Currency Codes rather than having them as you line items in your Currency Module.  Then you can have just one Line Item in the Currency Module called Exchange Rate and you'll add the new Currency Codes list to the module as well.

    In your Details Module, you can now format the Currency Indictaor line item as a list format based on the Currency Codes List.  You can now write a formula to Lookup the Exchange Rate from the Currency Module.  If you added a line item to your Detail Module to pick up exchange rates, the formula would be: Currency Module.Exchange Rate[LOOKUP: Currency Indicator].

    I hope this helps.