How to comapre Data from different Module and has Different Diemension




I have a module A with List A, and Module B with List B. Both the Lists are almost similar. But they are 2 different List.

I have line Item PARENT_NODE in both Modules. I have new Line Item compare_Parent, were I need to compare and the result as "similar" or "different".


In ModuleB I have written below formula but its not working

IF PARENT_NODE = ModuleA.PARENT_NODE then "Similar" else "Different" 


Please let me know on this 


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Best Answer

  • kavinkumar

    HI @usha.cherukuri,


    All you need to do is, create a relationship between the 2 modules. Create a line item in Module B called 'List A' (Format: List ) and with the help of finditem() function derive the formula. If I understood correctly then your formula would be FINDITEM(LIST A, code(item(LIST B))).

    Then use look up function to derive your end result. It should be IF PARENT_NODE = ModuleA.PARENT_NODE[lookup:list A] then "Similar" else "Different"

    I hope this helps!!