Delta record view from a file load


Hi All,


I have a request to load a file to a master list and module, but prior to run this load I want to see what are the delta changes coming in the new file.


So, I thought to park the new file in a temporary list and module and then compare it with master list and module to view the kind of changes I,e New node added, node alias changed, node code updated etc. and then load the file to master list.


but the problem here is, the two modules are using two different dimensions(Temp List & Master List) and in order to view the delta we need to have all master module line item values in temp module but the formula is not working here.

IF Lineitem temp <> Master module.Line item master THEN "DELTA" ELSE BLANK

Is there any other way to handle this scenario?







  • @MadhabikaM 

    A simple approach is to get the source file to have an additional column in the source file.  Format it as TRUE

    In the source data module, add a boolean line item (Imported?) and a second boolean line item (Exists?)

    As a one time exercise, set all of the items for the Exists? line item to TRUE

    Import the data and map the TRUE column to Imported?

    Now you can compare Imported? with Exists? to see what was different from the import and the previous import


    If you can get the source file to only contain deltas, even better.  Just change the Exists? line item to no Data and rename it Reset?

    Prior to each import , run an manual import from Reset? to Imported?

    Then when the source file is imported, the Imported? line item will indicate which elements were contained within the file


    I hope this helps


  • @MadhabikaM 


    You have got to link the Temp Module with the Master Module


    Use FINDITEM function in the Temp module and see what is missing/updated from the master module.


    Create LineItem in Temp Module - List Formatted with Master List


    Formula should be FINDITEM(Master List, NAME(ITEM(Temp List)))


    Then Use LOOKUP function to pull the original parameters from the Master List and then compare.




  • @DavidSmith 


    I think this approach will work when there are new Exisiting + Delta Keys in the new file. Can such approach be taken when we want to see only the updated parameters of the existing unique key?


    Lets say Unique Key doesn't change but only its attributes change.




  • @Misbah 

    Yes, that is not as easy, which is why it is better, if possible, to only get the deltas in the source file.  It takes away all of the effort in Anaplan!!


    However, if that is not possible, then the only alternative will be a copy of the data in another module/line items and a series of boolean checks.  


    1. Make a copy of the Data module (let's call it Previous)

    2. Keep the line items for the attributes/values you want to check

    3. Create an import from Data>Previous

    4. Copy the Previous module and change all of the formats to Boolean

    5. Each line item now checks Data vs Previous (e.g. Data.Segment=Previous.Segment)

    6. You might want a summary "All" Line item that looks for any changes

    7.  You can then filter either/both Data and Previous for changes


    So before importing the data, just ensure that step 3 is run first


    This is a much better approach than creating a "checksum" text join of all of the attributes because, as you should know by now, we want to avoid text and joins whenever possible


    I hope that helps


  • Thanks for quick response on this David, will work on this as suggested.