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I have a module that displays our full Masterdata list, with 3000+ products. I have a search module with some of the fields (12) from the Masterdata module. Allowing the user to narrow the list down to relevant fields by using a boolean formula and filter to display just the items they need.

It works exactly as expected. However, when we have multiple users entering search criteria on their dashboards, they each keep resetting each others searches.... which is a pain in the proverbial.

I have considered duplicating the search criteria module fields all feeding the Masterdata module booleans, and then having duplicate dashboards, but this seems overkill to me...... any suggestions, please?

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  • nathan_rudman


    There was an Anaplan update more than a year ago which made the user list available as a dimension.

    see here 

    This means you can build what we call a "user filter".

    You can add that user dimension to your search module, allowing every user to enter their own data.

    Then you need to also apply that user dimension to your Filter line item in your master data module.

    Finally, you can just reapply the filter in the module/dashboard: you'll see the filter setting itself on "Current User"


    And tadam ! every user is now independent in their filtering !


  • Well, there is an update that skipped me by

    Thanks, will take a look and review my process(es)

    Much obliged

  • hope you are aware of DCA and time ranges as well. they came around the same time and are as impacting !
  • I think I need to review ( and to find time to) updates, been so busy building that developments have passed me by.

    I will set some time aside to review

  • @DeveloperCYT 

    When you create the filter in the target module and point to the filter module, it will automatically pick up the Current User.  You will see it there, but there is nothing to do, it is automatic


  • Hi David,


    I had just realised and sorted that, I really should pause before I post a question...

    All working now



  • No worries, glad it's working