Rank function on LineItem Subset

I have a module containing: - timescale - versions - 1 list (offices) - lineitem subset based on PNL module - 2 lineitems (1 = collect(), 2  = rank(1)) I need to rank every PNL values independently and need help with formula or approach to do it Now by default - Rank function set rank for all values - e.g it compare values for Sales & Costs on PNL subset items

Best Answers

  • Solved by adding 3d item - 'PNL account' (list PNL formatted) in Blueprint
    it takes value from PNL subset by item() formula
    also made expansion to Rank formula by adding 'PNL account' for groupping source for RANK function
    Now works fine

    could be very greatfull to have more full description to Rank function in Anapedia
  • Ah yes, a good solution. I reproduced what you did and it threw me at first. In fact rank is ranking the entire grid of P&L lines by Offices (the collect function and line item subsets are not really relevant here). So if you had 3 P&L lines and 5 Offices, it would be ranking then 1 to 15. This makes sense if the grid was Products by Location, but less sense if the grid is P&L lines by Location: Comparing sales to salaries makes no sense in this case. Fortunately, rank within a group solves this.