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I am requesting the ability to order pages in any order we choose. Currently, the new UX defaults to alphabetical ordering of both pages and categories, but I would like the ability to order these in any way.


For example, our users navigate through a series of dashboards in the Classic view in sequential order (i.e. Inputs, Expense Overview, Allocation Reporting). In the classic view, I can order these in any order I choose in the Contents panel, but in the new UX I am forced to ordering these alphabetically (i.e. Allocation Reporting, Expense Overview, Inputs). This order is backwards, and the only work around would be some sort of smart labeling to force these into the order I need (Planning 1 - Inputs, Planning 2 - Expense Overview, Planning 3 - Allocation Reporting).


This is hopefully an easy thing to add to the new UX, and it would provide a simple improvement that would make migrating easier for our developers and end users.

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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Same is also true of categories. Hopefully it can be sorted out all at the same time!

  • It would be great if this functionality of arranging the categories as well as pages as per the required order provided in New Ux.

  • +1 Agree we need this for both categories and pages. Will help with usability. 

  • pbenz

    Also agree on the points above, I see ordering of categories and pages as a crucial item for end user adoption and to avoid end users getting lost in the app. 

  • Bumping this up.


    To relay the pain felt by clients...imagine you land on a dashboard and your 5 POV selectors follow you as you scroll up and down the dashboard. 4 of those dimensions will change very infrequently.


    I might spend 60 minutes on a single Product, single Version, single Year. Most of my toggling is within the Contract dimension.


    Having the right-most POV selector be the selector you would change most-frequently within a session adds a lot to productivity, eases user adoption of new dashboards, and reduces the mental friction that takes place your POV selectors are in random order.

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • This hasn't been implemented yet @DavidEdwards 
    I wish It is done ooner

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