New UX: Row label width displays differently on New UX compared to module view


On the New UX the default column width for row labels displays differently compared to the classic module view. This can lead to a row label on a column displaying fully on a module view but when created as a grid on the New UX it can sometimes cut the text, requiring manual adjustment of the width.


Example below:


width test classic.PNGwidth test New UX.PNG

As you can see "TESTLONGNAMETESTLONGNAME" has been cut on the new UX. The row label width needs to be set as both default views display a different number of characters.


If both views have parity then this will prevent users from needing to manually adjust the width for row labels on the New UX.

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • @Ali I think what you want is already in place in the NewUX. 


    You can modify any column width using drag-and-drop,  including the row header, when you are in Design mode. (VERY IMPORTANT). 

    After that, you re-publish the page and the new column width will be maintained for all users. 





  • @alexpavel I may object that this setting is not applied to the mobile interface...

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