NEW UX: Insights and Quick Links on Board Views

After sitting with @monica_girel and fully realizing how powerful / useful "Insights" and "Quick Links" panels can be in the Worksheet pages, it fully baffles me why this isn't part of Board views.  Adding these to board views makes for a serious improvement in user navigation / experience by de-cluttering the main screen by showing


1. showing things I want my user to see once, but maybe not take up real estate all the time (i.e. page instructions), or

2. showing something I want the user to see no matter where they scroll on the page (i.e. page status indicators, important KPI's). 

3. using quick links to link to other pages having a bunch of buttons cluttering up the main page.


This would be a huuuuuuge improvement. Please make this happen!

Worksheet - Additional Insights.PNG


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