NEW UX: Insights and Quick Links on Board Views


After sitting with @monica_girel and fully realizing how powerful / useful "Insights" and "Quick Links" panels can be in the Worksheet pages, it fully baffles me why this isn't part of Board views.  Adding these to board views makes for a serious improvement in user navigation / experience by de-cluttering the main screen by showing


1. showing things I want my user to see once, but maybe not take up real estate all the time (i.e. page instructions), or

2. showing something I want the user to see no matter where they scroll on the page (i.e. page status indicators, important KPI's). 

3. using quick links to link to other pages having a bunch of buttons cluttering up the main page.


This would be a huuuuuuge improvement. Please make this happen!

Worksheet - Additional Insights.PNG


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  • Yes, yes, yes

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • What DS said - yes yes yes.


    What i say: Can we just dispense with the separation and have one environment, one experience?

  • totally agree!

  • yes!


    We are planning to add the insights panel to the report page so that users can update data in the panel and see the impact in real time in the report. Once this is available on the report page we then plan to add it to the Board page as well.

  • @sprender Awesome! So glad to hear this got some traction 🙂

  • @sprender , See that the insights panel was added to the report page in the recent Nov release. Any idea if we could see it on the board pages early 2024?

  • @sprender

    I would also like to see this feature bubbled up to production!!!

  • This is something we absolutely want to add to Board pages in the UX. Unfortunately we don't have capacity to add in early 2024 due to other priorities but its something we would love to add in the second half of the year.

    Glad to see there is so much interest in this addition.

  • rrist

    @sprender Would really appreciate this update!

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