linitem options (Start of section, Brought forward)


Help me please with use cases for linetem options: Start of section, Brought forward In Anapedia it's said they are rarely used and I couldn't get enough from explanation think if they present in blueprint it will be helpfull to understand where could I use them

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    I believe start of section in the blueprint allows you utilise any line item list selection changes to the remainder of the line items. If not a large section probably  best to  just  change the 'Applied to' for all necessary line items though, achieve the same affect and you do not have to worry about the potential of someone reordering the line items.

    brought forward can be used for opening balances when balances are required to be carried forward from previous periods. Could also potentially be used for prior year total of actuals as it opens up the month prior to your start of timescale.

    Best bet is to try some of the settings on  a test module, what are you wanting to use them for?


  • Thank you Grantham!
    Now its clear all on "Brought Forward"
    Before I used to create module for past year remainders
    Now it allows to create additional month in Timescale for this purpose (very usefull)

    On 'Start of Section'
    seems it works similar to
    Access tables in Cognos EP where I make different access rights for 1 cube
    on the base of List groups
  • Hi,

    So how do I enable the Brought-Forward tick-mark?

    For instance, I have two line items: Opening Balance and Closing Balance.
    Opening Balance is the previous period's Closing Balance. 

    Which line item should I tick-off as Brought-Forward, and do I simply load the data into this line item? I assume the brought-forward creates a prior period based on the model date.


  • ablack

    Closing Balance would be brought forward for Opening Balance of New Year