Create a Notification Box about Creating a Revision Tag when make a Copy of Non-deployed Model


Being and Anaplan Modeler, I would like to have a notification box, appearing when you try to make a copy/copy & archive model of non-deployed model.


Request is based on bad experience we had in the team - when we moved the prod model to non-deployed status (for mistake), we made a copy&archive, and we didn't know that it cause a new revision tag. Thus we lost a synchronization (new tag appeared in target model).


To prevent this, notification box can appear as double checking of the action you perform.


Benefits: preventing copying in case new tag is not required (save from unexpected asynchronization of the models)

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  • @AndreyPol 

    Not that it helps here, as you have learnt the hard way, but you can Copy/ Copy and Archive a Deployed model (as long as it has always remained in Deployed mode since ALM was initiated).  That won't create a revision tag in the Prod model

    This is why rule 1 of ALM, is "Never take a deployed model out of deployed mode, once ALM has been initiated"


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