How to use SUM with the Users list? Why invalid?


I have a situation where I am trying to create a summary values for the Users list and have them be arranged by a 'type' mapping.


I have a mapping module dimensioned by users and my 'product' list, with a list formatted line item to determine if it is applicable to them and what type it is for them, and I was hoping to use a SUM formula to bring it together - see mock up:


Sum with Users dimension.png


However, when I set the formula  Source.Values[SUM:Map.Value to User by Type] I get the error: "Dimension of mapping used for aggregation doesn't match any dimension of the source" which seems wrong, since the mapping has the 'Product' list, which matches the source just fine.


So then I created an additional intermediary line item where the original values line item is just directly referenced in a module that has the dimensions 'Products, Users', then when I tried I got the error: "Invalid use of 'Users' list with function 'SUM'" ...


I checked the 'Constraints' section of the 'SUM' function on Anapedia, and see no reference to the User dimension, so what is actually happening here? Why is it invalid?


It seems like the first error message is misleading, and the second error message is the actual root cause, unless I'm missing something? And if it is indeed invalid and I'm not just missing something silly, what would be the workaround for this goal?


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  • usman.zia

    Hi @NoahJ,


    Thanks for your detailed post definitely helps me to understand! 


    The native users list like the native versions list is limited by what functionality and capabilities of the anaplan formulae can be used such as the SUM and this is why you get those error messages.


    In the case you are describing the best possible solution in my opinion is to create a dummy users list which is mapped to the native users list. Then use the dummy list to perform the aggregation and then use the mapping to fetch the correct result required. 


    I hope this helps!






  • @NoahJ 

    I will raise the lack of clarity on SUM with our content team to update Anapedia


  • Hi - interested in this topic. The issue with a fake users list is then user experience is tough. When a user is on a page, they will then need to select their name from a drop down (list formatted line item, formatted as the fake users list).

    I guess a workaround for that would be to apply selective access to the fake users list? --> so each native user would only have selective access to their fake user name. Then you could aggregate an amount into a summary module that doesn't apply to the fake user list assuming the fake user list has a top level.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.

  • @Brett.Francis 


    Exactly, put selective access on your fake/custom users list.

  • @Brett.Francis @NoahJ @usman.zia  - We are looking to enable SUM, LOOKUP, TEXTLIST and a number of other functions to be used over the Users list in early Q2.