Dynamic Time-Filtered Charts for Months vs Years


It would be good to get the ability to filter dynamically the levels of a time scale used in a chart.


At the moment if you show both the months and the years in a saved view that you then use to create a chart, Anaplan automatically ignores the aggregated levels of the timescale (e.g. Years) and just uses the leaf level time for the chart representation (e.g. Months). It would be really useful (both for model builders and end-users) to be able to have a dynamic Chart created from a saved view where a filter to hide/show either the months or years is applied. Then, the chart should be updated to show the months/years timescale accordingly when refreshing the dashboard (never both at the same time but still being able to switch between them for the same chart).


Of course a workaround is to use a dummy time list and apply the filters to the saved view but it would save time/space if it could be done with the real time of the model.

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