Enhancements for ROUND



As most of us are already aware that ROUND was not working as expected in Anaplan and we tried multiple workarounds to get this work done - Anaplan has now enhanced this in the latest release on 11/23.


In this enhancement Anaplan has put in a new Method argument in the syntax - NORMAL and EXACT. Although these are optional and even if we don't use Anaplan takes NORMAL argument by default. However Anaplan suggests us to use EXACT as it counters the earlier bugs and throws us the correct figure.


Here it is how it looks like with Using NORMAL method


Data(with New Round) - 2 decimal places

Data - 2 Decimal Places

Formula - ROUND(Data,3,UP, Normal) - Although display shows you the correct figure but if you look at the top right corner it shows you all the trailing zeroes which you don't want to see.





With EXACT - Below snip

Formula - ROUND(Data,3,UP,Exact) -



You can read the entire article here