Number of working days in a month


Excel uses the formula function NETWORKINGDAYS to calculate the number of working days in a month How would I do this in Anaplan? Link to an input module?

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    Hello Jonathan,

    Anaplan does not currently have a similar function, but you could use an assumption module to collect the number of working days in a month or to "flag" days as working days and then get a monthly total of working days.



  • Thanks for that,

    The module can hold the actual working days in the month, although it will be a tedious task calculate the working days in excel for each contractor and load them on a regular basis. How do others build a contractor based model? Is it likely this will be a feature built in time?
  • Hi Heather,

    Has this feature been added? I see that this thread was from a few years ago.


  • Hi Lara, 

    I don't think there are any changes to the formula addressing working days in a month. You could always use WEEKDAY formula and Holiday mapping (dependent to year and region) to address this.
    I have attached a sample screens below in which I used to address number of working days in a month.
    Hope that helps.


  • Hi,using the weekday formula in addition to a dedicated time management module will make the job :

    weekday will allow you to split days monday to sunday, thus having the "usual" working days easely indentified.

    a time management module with boolean will allow you to add January 1st, Xmas day and and so on either manually or through formulas by testing dates (01/01, 25/12....) depending on your country.
    Kind regards.

  • There's no direct function as NETWORKINGDAYS or anything similar to it but the same can be achieved using the below method.

    1. Create a module. For Ex: Working Days Filter
    2. Working Days have a time Scale as Days.
    3. Line Item: Days, WeekDays, Holiday, Working Week Days, and Worked on Weekdays.
      1. Days: Format- Date, Formula: START()
      2. WeekDays: Format-Number, Formula: WEEKDAY(Days)
      3. Holiday: Format-Boolean, Manual Input
    4. Working Week Days: NOT (WEEKDAY(Days) = 6 OR WEEKDAY(Days) = 7 OR Holidays)