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Is there a function that will return whether a list item is a member of a subset? I can't figure out how to get FINDITEM to return a value.


Example: I have a list of accounts segmented into three subsets, Group A, B, and C. Each account group has its own set of managers and assignment logic, so subsets are ideal. However, when presenting an overall account assignment matrix to sales leaders, I want to provide a line item called "Account Type" that gives them the ability to filter on which subset the account is a member of. There wouldn't be any overlap between the subsets, but would the potential of that would make this infeasible? I was thinking I could use something like ISNOTBLANK(FINDITEM('List Subset', Account Name)) as a Boolean to determine yes/no present in the subset, then have a separate line item referencing that Boolean to say which category the account falls into.

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  • DavidSmith


    Not as such

    1. Create a module dimensioned by the subset and create a single boolean line item and set it to TRUE

    2. Then in your main list module, create a boolean line item (corresponding to the subset) and reference the line item from above.  this module should be your System module for the list, not dimensioned by anything else

    3. That can then be used to know if the list item is in the subset


    If you have a lot of subsets, then it might be practical to create a single module and use subsidiary views (this is one of the exceptions to the rule) for each subset


    I hope that helps



  • Hi @dameyer01 


    As @DavidSmith  mentions this is the best approach. 


    However if you are using an input (such as a boolean formatted line item to import into the main list) to create the subset (i.e how are you creating the subset in the first place). This should then be your reference.





  • I like the idea of using a single module with subsidiary views to serve function for all subsets in one place. Thank you!
  • Sometimes you have to be pragmatic - Similarly if you are using a "delete from list" module - I often have one of those with many line items as Subsidiary views


    Like we say about the Planual rules, there are, and always will be exceptions