Text value match in module and List

Hi ,


I have a line item Amount in Module A, and Line item Final Amount in Module B.


both modules uses different List but the member in module B is a line item value in module A(text field).

I want to Sum all the amount in module B based on the line item value match in module A.





  • HI @usha.cherukuri,

    First bring in the relation between these 2 modules with the help of FINDITEM(). Then based on this you can do the summation.

    For ex,

    Mod A - List A, Line items - L1(Amount), L2(Text), L3(List B) USE: L3 = FINDITEM('List B', L2).

    Mod B - List B, Line tiems - L1 (Final Amount)  USE: L1= ModA.L1[SUM:Mod A.L3]

    Hope this helps!!