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May I please know how calculated data is stored in Anaplan? For Example, we have 3 line items A, B, C. A and B have values 10 and 20 in a module. We write a formula for C = A+ B in the module. So in the backend, does Anaplan store the values of A and B only without storing the calculated value of C in the disk, and then calculate C dynamically only when a model is open, OR does it calculate C on the disk and store A, B, C on the disk itself.


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    Anaplan is an in-memory platform. When a model is first opened, it is loaded in memory, which means C is calculated. When you modify A, C recalculates, and also all other dependencies (but only those: if D = B, D isn't recalculated when A changes). This is the principle of Hyperblock, our patented technology.

    As this is happening in-memory, C isn't written to disk during this process. Obviously there is some write to disk events for data archiving and recovery, but I don't know if C is written to the disk then. @DavidS can shed some light


  • @nathan_rudman ,


    You are exactly correct, C does not get written to disk since it is a formula.


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  • Yes, in memory - a distinct space is allocated for A,B and C, but on disk only A, B.

    The module size and ultimately model size is the size of the memory, not the disk.