Collecting the value of a parent list in calculations

Hi, I want to collect the value on the parent membrer for the employees list of my source line item to calculate my target one I did an example like this one target_lineitem=source_lineitem[SELECT: Employees.PARENT(ITEM(Employees))] but it doesn't work can someone help me.

Best Answer

  • I think it  may  be the syntax Employees.PARENT(ITEM(Employees))], is it  looking for a list item named PARENT(ITEM(Employees)), not the actual parent?

    I believe you have to  take a two stage approach
    Create a new line item in target cube called 'Parent Employees'' formula PARENT(ITEM(Employees)) (format  is the list Employees)
    Use the formula target_lineitem=source_lineitem[LOOKUP: Parent Employees]