About the imported display method



Import to dashboard using anaplan connect.

I want to display only items that have been imported and entered


Is there a way to automatically display only items that have been imported and entered?

Can you filter automatically?


I'm worried about setting the line item formula or setting the filter.


I would be happy if you could have a sample capture


  • @tatsumi 

    We've had a number of similar threads on this (which I'll try and find), but the easiest way is to add a column to your source data file that is formatted as "TRUE"

    In your model (ideally Data Hub), in the System module for the data in question, you have two line items (e.g. Reset? and Imported?).  Reset? is a set to No Data and Imported? is a Boolean

    As part of the import process:

    first run an internal import from Reset? to Imported?

    Then when you bring in the data, populate the Imported? line item with the extra column from the source file

    That shows exactly which records came in as part of the import.  You can then filter on these if necessary, or add additional functionality for downstream exports if required

    I would add that we are going to add an example of this as part of our Level 3 / Solution Architect training

    I hope that helps