Territory Allocation Urgent






  • @Sameer_Bajaj 


    Assuming S1 is a parent of M1. You Just have to create a module with medicine list (M1 thru M10) as a dimension and use Lookup on S(Parent of M) and bring the values into your current module.


    1. Create a module which stores state level information 

    2. Create another module and use lookup on state to Bring values from first module.




  • No S1 is not the parent. They are different list.

    I was thinking to use List Property.

    Can we import List with properties?

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    I don't think Import will work in your case because Percentages are input at State Level and this has to be distributed evenly thru all the medicines - You don't have the mapping at all.


    Since State and Medicine do not share the hierarchical relationship you can achieve this by creating Medicine list as a numbered list and State list being the property of the Medicine list and then use LOOKUP






    Hope this helps



  • Thanks.

    I will follow the steps and share my update.

  • Kindly share with me the Module: Commum1

    Also please tell me in the pic P1 the column containing S1 List Prop is also a different list. Since I see you have used Lookup to pull allocation percentage.


    I need your help with the other Lists and Modules you created to achieve the result.




  • @Sameer_Bajaj 


    From your initial diagram it looks like all Medicines belong to each state, so a module dimensioned by State and Medicine will suffice; you don't need a LOOKUP at all.  

    A module dimensioned by State to hold the %s and then in the target module, you can just reference the previous line item


    If you have a relationship between State and Medicine, then you do need to model the relationship between State and Medicine

    One of the big advantages of Anaplan is we do not always need parent child relationships to aggregate or model, as previously described.  If there is only one State for any one Medicine, then you can just have a module dimensioned by Medicine and have a line item formatted as State to hold the mapping.  then use a LOOKUP to the State %s module 


    If these concepts are difficult for you to understand, then I would suggest you take the Level 1 training, if you haven't already and also look at the attached.

    Both explain how to use SUM and LOOKUP


    I hope this helps


  • Thanks Sir, I will go through the Training.


    I am trying to understand in my case, that do we need to create Allocation as a Line Item or as a Property to State?

    Img 3.jpeg

  • Sir,

    I was going through the .ppt you shared.

    I felt I can try it in this way, creating Driver Module.




  • @Sameer_Bajaj 

    Exactly - spot on,, where State is a line item formatted as State in a module dimensioned by Medicine