New UX: Update KPI Cards to be color coded


Hi team,

I am keen on seeing the KPI cards advanced further to be color coded as well (perhaps based on the conditional formatting in the module views itself). 


For e.g. - If a KPI number represents a growth % then the color/card text background could be highlighted as GREEN or RED otherwise.


This would make the UI much more intuitive and visually easy to understand.

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  • Great Idea @shreyak.garg this is definitely something I have been thinking about! 


    Reading KPIs can sometimes be confusing and having clear colours to differentiate the performance of the KPI is a great way to do this! 


    I hope to see this soon! 

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • KPIs to respect conditional formatting - yes please

  • We need conditional formatting for KPI Cards that would work as a rule-based conditional formatting.

    Things we would like to update: font color, background color, font size, font bold/light/underscore, etc


    Sparklines that are yet to be released are a good beginning, but the above is needed. 

  • Definitely something we are needing as well

  • I would like to have this function as well, it'd be very useful on our dashboards!




  • Much needed feature. Currently showing the conditional formatting features in Grid only

  • Conditional formatting is now available on KPI Cards so can set a colour status based on some business logic to highlight exceptions or poor performance.

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