Evenly Spread Amounts



We have two modules one for planning miscellaneous revenue and other for planning for OTPS. When a user enters an amount in the FY21 column the amount is not spreading evening for the forecast period. The forecast period is 6 months. Please see the attachment. I am not sure what I need to do to fix this. 


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  • @davraes,

    I could assume that you are using break-back functionality. Lets say the child item has some entries and if you are trying to override the top level item, Break-back uses the existing entries for the ratio to spread. So this could be the reason why system is not equally splitting but technically speaking that is how the functionality should work.


  • @davraes ,


    As @kavinkumar pointed out, the breakback functionality should be working the way you are wanting.  Take a look at the below:


    I believe I have the module setup the way you do, but just to make sure, I am using Real Time, not a fake time dimension:



    Since I already have values in for Mar -> Jun and I override the FY20 number from 50 to 1000, the results are:



    If I wipe out all of the values with 0 and then put in a new number at the FY20 number, it will evenly spread the data:



    One thing to look for is when your switchover date is set (can be found in the Settings for Version).


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  • @davraes ,


    Also, I would question, from a modeling standpoint, why you have an additional list defined with Line 2.  Will every account/intersection be entering information at these intersections or just some of the accounts?  If just some, I would remove that as a list and then create a numbered list rolling up to the dimension it belongs to and then allow people to create the detail information using Create Action.  That way, the overall module footprint (size) is much smaller (the Line 2 dimension will not be dimensionalized by all of the dimensions).


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  • Rob,

    The example you show is spreading the amount of $1,000 over 12 months (1000/12=83.33).  For the Forecast period with a Switchover of Jan20, shouldn't the system spread over 6 months instead?  ie Actual Jul19-Dec19 and Forecast Jan20-Jun20.  Breakback and Switchover is checked in the module.  If a person enters an amount in the FY20 column, we want the amount to spread over 6 months.  For example if there are no actuals and $600 is entered in FY20 column, it would apply $100 to each month Jan20-Jun20.  If there were actuals in Jul19-Dec19 of $200, then it would spread the remaining $400 to Jan20-Jun20 at $66.67 per month.  Is this possible in Anaplan?


    Thanks, Loraine