Count with time dimension


Hi, I would like to ask something with regards to count with time dimension. The details are in the attachment. My apologies, i had to recreate the file since I was informed that I cannot post actual screenshot of data from client. Please see attachment for details.



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  • Misbah
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    You have to convert your Time into Anaplan Formatted Time and then aggregate the Count. Here are the steps that you can follow:


    Step 1: Your numbered list (List Geno) where you have the data



    Step 2 : Create a module called Sys Mod with List Geno as a dimension and Create three line items ( this is as per best practices, you can do the same exercise in your list directly but that goes against best practices)

     Year - Refer it from List

    Month - Refer it from List

    Month(Anaplan) - PERIOD(DATE(Year, Month, 28))


    Step 3 : Create another Module called Target Module and Create one line item called Units

    Units - List Geno.RU Text Count[SUM: Sys Mod.'Month (Anaplan)']



    Hope that helps