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In version settings, I have 2 versions

                                          1. Actual 2. Forecast

                       but none of those versions are marked as True for Current (Refer screen-shot).


I Created 2 Modules 1. Source Module 2. Target Module

Source Module has Versions and Locations as a dimensions, Line Item - Source LI (Number)

Target Module has Locations as a Dimensions, Line Item - Target LI(Number).


When I write a formula(Source LI[SELECT: VERSIONS.Actual]) to get the actual value, It throws an error.

After that When I Mark True as Current for Actual Version my formula works.


May I know why my formula works if it is marked as true.

A screenshot is attached.

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  • kavinkumar


    Please check the syntax once again. {Module.Lineitem[Select:Versions.Actual]}.

    If the current version is checked, then that version's data will be flown to the target module. Ex. In your case, Source has version dimension but target doesn't have. So ultimately if you write a formula (Source.Line item) then the actual version's data will be populated in the target module. You can avoid using Select function.

    I hope this helps.




    Hi Prabhu,


    I tried your scenario, it's working fine. Please see the screenshot. I didn't mark any version as current.




    Vignesh M

  • Misbah
    Answer ✓



    Can you please check formula once again. If you are not referencing the line item by clicking on source line item and if there are any special characters in your line item you will get an error.(lot of assumptions I am making :))


    Formula what you are writing is correct.

    It should be - Source Line item[SELECT: VERSIONS.Actual]




    Hope this helps





  • Thanks, Kavin


    If Current is marked as true for Actual Version, then writing a formula in Target Module (SourceModule.SourceLI)

    will populate the actual version's data. But, my purpose in writing the formula is to calculate the variance between actual and forecast. 

    In this case, can't I able to use select particular versions to populate in my target module( if Current is marked as false in version )



    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Thanks Misbah.
  • Thank's Vignesh. It Works