Allow for users to breakback on time and not other hierarchies


I have a customer who wants to use breakback for time but not the other hierarchies in the module.  They are planning for cost centers and require users to enter data at the lowest level.  However, they want to enter data for annual periods and break back to the months.  If we can separate the other hierarchies from time, then we should consider letting the user select each of the hierarchies that breakback applies to.  

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  • We opted not to enable breakback for the same reason, the way our models are setup presented an opportunity to massively impact our financial plan if users were given free range.  We'd love to be able to use it to in a more controlled fashion.  Great idea!

  • thanks tiffany.  we are exploring the possibility of turning off breakback and using logic to create the time based breakback.  something like a second data entry module dimensioned by year for users that want to enter data annually.  in the monthly module, we would add a second line item to see if there is annual data entry, and if so, spread it, and if not, use the monthly data entry line item.  

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Nice idea and a very good point @Tiffany.Rice to have a controlled way of the breakback functionality. 


    As a workaround, however, you could use DCA (Dynamic Cell Access) in order to turn On/OFF the possibility of writing for speficic intersections where you do not want to use the break-back functionality. 🙂





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