Re-ordering list item subsets in the list setting section


Hi Anaplan community, 


I believe I have just encountered an Anaplan bug but wanted to share if anyone has experience the same issue and whether it is a known bug. 


When creating a list item subset I have attempted to change the order of the list item subsets but even after changing the order and returning apply the list item subsets stay in the same position on the list item subset creation screen and does not move. However the list item subsets notes in this screen and position on the grid view change to the correct order as reordered.


When I refresh the browser and model, the list item subset then displays in the correct order, so it seems as if the page needs to refreshed after completing this change.


Has anyone experienced this before?


Not the biggest issue but would be interested to see if anyone else has experienced this? 






  • you mean the order of the subsets themselves or the order of items within the subset ?
  • @usman.zia 


    I had the same question as @nathan_rudman . Also while reordering the list item - you say returning apply. I guess I am getting confused, why would we apply changes when we haven't made any change in the configure tab of the list.



  • @nathan_rudman @Misbah 


    The order of the subsets themselves not the actual items in the subsets.


    Its as if there is a lag that needs to have the model refreshed.