Know which view is in use on dashboard


When reviewing a dashboard, we do not know which view among the 10's of views of the module is used for that dashboard element.


Only way is to review each view, and then make the changes. Ability to find which view is being used would help navigate better.

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  • Great idea @nmaram . I run into this a lot.

  • jon

    I try to name my views as 'Name of Dashboard: Element' to help with this, but it would probably be much easier to manage based on your idea! If my dashboard names change, then I have to go back and update all of the views with that name to stay consistent, which can be challenging. 

  • Great Idea @nmaram I have this issue also.


    The workaround currently is by using planual best practice and naming the views you are using on specific dashboard and then referencing the name. 

    However this can become very difficult to manage as you have to remember to name the view and then rename it if it is no longer used. 





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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Excellent idea! While we should of course always strive to follow best practice naming, it would be simpler and much more reliable to have system-provided info to trace back rather than depending on good user habits.

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  • This is a good one. It can be annoying doing that back and forth with the views & the dashboards. 

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