Set Display Name in Line Item Subsets


I would like the ability to (optionally) set a separate Display Name for line items in Line Item Subsets. Whenever the Line Item Subset is used, this Display Name should show instead of the original names of the included line items.


This would be really useful when collecting line items from multiple modules, especially for end-user facing functions like reporting or picklists. The most functional name within the individual modules is often not the most logical name for the end user, and I end up having to compromise or sacrifice one for the other.


This should also bypass the need to name/rename line items with the same name in different modules before including in a Line Item Subset.


e.g. I have multiple modules with different calculation methods, I want to collect the "Final Forecast Units" line items from each module Method A, Method B, Method C, etc.

However, I want to have the end user see the LIS as just:

"Method A

Method B

Method C



rather than

"Method A - Final Forecast Units

Method B - Final Forecast Units

Method C - Final Forecast Units


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