Add Filters for Data Import


I have Module A form where I want to import Data to Module B.

I can't touch Module A, so I can't use Export function from Module A.


As shown in the pictures, I want a filter Import of a particular country.

I have worked on creating saved views and exporting but not sure whether same can be for Import as well.


Any inputs for solving is welcomed.



  • Hi,


    Usually to control an import action we filter the source. I am very curious why you cannot touch the source module ? Creating a saved view is not a disruptive process.


    Whatever you do the the target module (filter, sorting, hiding), it will not impact the import action. However you can change the mappings of the import, for the dimension of "country" as " Ask each time the import is run". Or you can manually un-map the others. See below







  • @Sameer_Bajaj 

    If you're able to create actions then @nathan_rudman suggestion is the best solution.

    If using an action is not possible you can create a list subset that only contains Italy. No actions will be required - you can use formulas.

    Here's an example using your data.


    Step1: Module A contains sales for all countries

    Import No Actions 001.png

    Step 2: Create a list subset on countries called "Italy Only" and checkbox Italy to "True"

    Import No Actions 002.png

    Step 3: Create Module B and set Sales = Module A.Sales

    Import No Actions 003.png

    4. See results. You now have the module you wanted in your image.

    Import No Actions 004.png


  • @Sameer_Bajaj 


    As @nathan_rudman  already pointed out that creating saved view is not a disruptive process and you can easily achieve this by having a saved view in Module A.

    Approach 1 - Create Saved View by applying a filter on one particular item (let’s say Italy in this case). Make sure the filter is Boolean in nature.


    Approach 2 -  You can also do it @JaredDolich way. Create a list subset for One List Item (Italy in your case) and use that subset as a dimension in Module B and pull the values from Module A to Module B


    Approach 3 - You can also achieve this by creating a dimensionless module (Module C)with one line item (List formatted - Country) and select the drop down as Italy. Create Module B with no dimensions and pull the values from Module A to Module B and using LOOKUP on Module C Line Item.


    All the approaches will solve your problem but personally I will take approach 1, then 2 and last but not the least approach 3.


    Hope that helps. Let us know if it doesn’t.