Data import of different Dimension


I apologise for asking a basic question.

As I have none to assist, so seeking assistance from Anaplan Community.


The Source Data Module has Yearly Values.

The Target Data Module will copy all the values in Weekly as well as Monthly.


Please assist me, if any Document is there in Anapedia, mentioning the way out.

Alternatively you request to suggest ways.



  • Hi Sravan,


    You need to create a system module to identify the year of the weeks and then use the lookup to bring the yearly data to weekly.

    It's not an import, you need to pull the number through the formula.



    Vignesh M

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    As mentioned, we have to convert yearly values into weekly values.




    This can be achieved by using YEARVALUE() function.


    Hope it helps,




  • @Sravan_Kumar 


    Also, if you need the target weekly formatted line item as editable, get the data to the weekly formatted line item with the formula (YEARVALUE(x) would do in your case) and import it another weekly formatted line item.







  • Hi Vignesh


    Im trying to create a system module to identify years of the week as suggested  with formula period(start()) but it gives an error.


    Appreciate your help