Looping in Anaplan


How to apply this formula in anaplan ?

CF Inc/dec in Receivables = (@PRIOR(Customer Accounts Receivable)+@PRIOR(Other Receivables)-@PRIOR(Accounts Payable - Intercompany))-
((Customer Accounts Receivable)+(Other Receivables)-(Accounts Payable - Intercompany))-CF Inc/dec in Receivables 


  • hi @PujithaB 


    I would say that you need to create a module with the time dimension and one line item for each item in your formula:

    • OPEN BALANCE CF Inc/dec in Receivables
    • CLOSING BALANCE CF Inc/dec in Receivables
    • Customer Accounts Receivable
    • Other Receivables
    • Accounts Payable - Intercompany

    Then use the function PREVIOUS (most likely, else try POST or OFFSET).


    Finally, in order to avoid the loop, I suggest to break down the formula into 2 items: Open Balance for Receivables and Closing Balance. It will look something like this:


    OPEN BALANCE CF Inc/dec in Receivables = previous(Customer Accounts Receivable)+previous(Other Receivables)-previous(Accounts Payable - Intercompany))

    CLOSING BALANCE Inc/dec in Receivables = OEPN BALANCE CF Inc/dec in Receivables -((Customer Accounts Receivable)+(Other Receivables)-(Accounts Payable - Intercompany))


    Please, let me know if it helps.