Loading an Anaplan Model: 504 Gateway Time-out


Hi all,


I have recently been facing a lot of 504 Gateway Time-out messages when trying to load Anaplan models.


I have narrowed it down to trying to open an Anaplan model and then switching tab on Firefox, so that the tab that is loading the model is not active.


I have tested on other browsers and they do not seem to experience the issue (Edge/Chrome), i.e. will load the model in the background whilst on a different tab.


Just wondered if anyone else had experienced the issue? Is this a known issue and can anything be done about it?









  • Hi @CallumW 


    I have experienced this alot when working in chrome with multiple tabs open. 


    To resolve this I always clear my cache on chrome and restart my machine and reconnect to the internet and the problem seems to go away. 


    But this typically happens when I haven't cleared my browsing data and cache. 


    I tend to stick with chrome!


    I hope this helps! 




  • Have given this a try and can confirm this works on Firefox too.


    Thanks @usman.zia !

  • Probably worth noting the time it takes to clog up the cache and start this error reoccuring again. 


    For me I believe its about 2 months! 


    Glad to help! 







  • Thanks @usman.zia, this saved me.


    Much prefer Chrome and would highly recommend the A+ add-in for Anaplan. Worth the hassle of clearing the cache each month. 


    Kind regards