Improve the "Search the Anaplan Idea Exchange" on the Idea Exchange page

A couple of ideas to improve the search functionality;


  1. Automatically enable the "idea" filter when using the search function on the Idea Exchange page
    • Currently, if I search the page for a phrase/idea to see if it has been raised, I am taken to a page that returns relevant results from across the entire community. It should only be searching for ideas raised, and I believe this behaviour is how the website used to function prior to the updated.
  2. Fix the page selector (i.e. moving to page 2) when a filter has been applied
    • Having been taken to a search page from the Idea exchange, if I apply a filter on Ideas and there is more than 1 page of results, I am unable to use the page selectors at the bottom of the page to access the results - Please fix!






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this has been reviewed multiple times and now that we're on a new platform, we can revisit this for long term viability.


  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • @CallumW Thanks for letting us know this is not working - We're investigating the issue now with not being able to properly get to page2+.


    Separately, we do plan to introduce the automatic filtering when you attempt to search from Ideas (or when you start a search from a specific section) - Unfortunately this wasn't able to be introduced in time for our relaunch but do hope to have it added in soon!

  • @Stan  - great, thanks for the update!

  • @Stan Great news! The current Idea Exchange search is so useless that I've been going to "Create an Idea" and using the "Check Title" function as a workaround, but it's definitely not ideal.

  • @CallumW We pushed a fix this morning to resolve the issue with not being able to reach page 2 when using filters.


    @helennie was this specific to not being able to reach page 2?

  • @Stan No, about the search in general. My bad though as I've totally never noticed the "Idea" filter in the results - I've been looking for something like "Idea Exchange" and I guess my eyes just passed right over it.

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • @Stan  - thanks for the update! I have noticed now that if you search from the Idea Exchange, it doesn't bring through the value you searched (might have worked like this before and not noticed), but appreciate this might already be on your radar with the auto filter on idea discussed earlier.



  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Search improvements are coming!

  • It might also be worthwhile adding a filter functionality so that users can filter for ideas of specific interest.  For example, if I am interested in all ideas I have previously created in a particular year then I would filter based on "Created By" and Date fields.  This would be handy to have cross-check against the maintenance requirements for Master Anaplanners.

  • TristanS
    edited October 2023

    Looks like an old problem is back again. When performing a search in the idea exchange page it returns every page on the topic even outside of idea exchange. Fixing this would assist in preventing people from adding duplicate ideas and enable a user to simple up vote an existing one.

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