Master Anaplanner 'Points Status' Model


As Master Anaplanner certification requirements are now out and we are required to reach 400 points for participation, it would be useful to have a self service model where we are able to check:

- What tasks we have completed

- The points allocation to each task

- What our current calendar year points total is


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  • Brilliant. 

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @wquan I asked for this in the live FAQ session and was told it's already in the works.

  • @helennie I remember you asking that question! I knew I heard it somewhere, but couldn't remember until you posted this comment.

    It sounds like they have a lot that will be rolled out in the next month or so. Opportunities to earn points and Community article ideas/contributions are also on the docket from what I've been told.

  • Stan

    Great news - We are currently working towards improvements including many of them called out in this idea.  We hope to have more to share in the next couple months!

  • Great Idea

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Hey guys, great topic, in the meantime, is there anywhere else one can see his/her points? Thanks.

  • Hi @wquan and @Nik.Amin, you should now have access to this model (available for all Certified Master Anaplanners). Please reach out to our team if you don't, thanks!

  • Stan
    Status changed to: Delivered
  • wquan

    Great model @ChrisWeiss ! Is there any indication of how often the model is refreshed with data, as from what I can see the last refresh was about 2 months ago?

  • Thanks @ChrisWeiss 

  • Thanks @wquan! For the first launch the primary goal was introducing the model and providing more details on the specific engagement opportunities (more details than just the tile names that we shared when we launched the maintenance requirements). Currently the data load is very manual and time-intensive, and while we're still working out the kinks we're targeting a monthly data refresh, with the next one coming in the next week or so. The goal is to move this to a more automated process, which won't happen for at least the next quarter or two, but in the meantime move toward more regular data refreshes as we streamline the process. Hope that helps!

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