Ability to change the theme / colour of backgrounds in New UX Dashboards and Cards


Hi Anaplan, 


It would great if the New UX had the ability to customise themes and colours for New UX dashboard backgrounds.

This could extend to different colour backgrounds for cards. 


This would allow for greater user customisation to company themes and colours.





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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Would be a nice to have functionality

  • Would love to see this, especially with a custom hex code input.

  • saket22

    Would love to see this feature in May 2023 as well

  • jepley

    Saved themes would be a huge time saving win that would drive consistency across user experience.

  • This has been in review for 2+ years and should have been a standard feature of anaplan UX on day one.

    Any updates at all to add just a little bit of color to the UI?

    It would really be nice, for example, to shade admin or mapping pages with yellow. Or sales related pages blue.

    Or hear me out…this may be a little wild for the anaplan universe, but tie the shading for the page to a filter condition. —-mind blown—-

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