Interest Payment and Principle Payment Functions

Is there any easy way to replicate the IPMT() for Interest Payments and PPMT() for Principle Payment functions in M. Excel within Anaplan?   I can only find a PMT() function in Anaplan.

Best Answer

  • Anaplan does not currently have functions for these calculations, but I did find these formulas for calculating the necessary components.  You'd have to create a module to calculate the values over time.

    To solve for the future value, the formula is:

    To solve for the present value, the formula is:

    To solve for the payment value, the formula is:

    To solve for the number of periods, the formula is:

    To solve for the interest rate, the formula is:
    if pmt is 0. Otherwise, you can only solve for the interest rate through
    iteration (eg using one of the above formulae).

    This link may help as well: