Model to Model data import from Module and ALM


Hi Experts 


Building a functionality to deploy to production which requires an automated Model - to - Model module data import through custom scheduling. We use ALM. 


Both modules, i.e, the source module in one model and the destination module in the other model are being built in DEV. 

Upon deployment to production, what steps should I take to ensure that the source model referred to is the Production one, and not the DEV one? 


For deployment to production, should I follow the following steps then? 

 - first sync the source model to production.

- in the DEV destination model, change the source of import data manually to the module in PROD source model. 

- sync the destination model to PROD. 


Hope I have articulated the question I have properly. 


Thank you.

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  • @rdixit 


    Yes you are right on track. One thing I would like to add though,create a copy of Dev Destination model from RT of Prod Destination model and then change the mapping in Import Data Source of Prod Destination model. This way you will retain the mapping of Dev and change only for Prod.


    Hope that helps


  • @rob_marshall and @Misbah 


    Many thanks for responding. 


    The Source Model mapping feature here is what I will be using as the sequence of steps to deploy the models - 


    1. ALM Sync the DEV Source Model to PROD 

    2. ALM Sync the DEV Destination Model to PROD 

    3. Update the Source Model mapping in the PROD destination model to be the PROD source model where it refers to DEV source model under Source Models. 


    Thanks again!