Creating an As-Of Version



I was wondering if users can create an as-of version in Anaplan.


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  • Hi @CommunityMember115525,


    Can you elaborate, What is meant by as-of Version.?


    if you want the user to add versions in Anaplan YES it is possible:

    1. It can be attained by creating an import action.

    2. It can also be attained by pressing the insert button in version settings.



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    A user may want to create a version with custom dates, for example a version that has data from 2019 that spans January15-May 30 and another model January 15 - August 15.  Can a user create a version based on custom dates?

  • From Anapedia:

    You can set a date range for editing versions so that users can only edit data during the period specified. The options for setting the Edit From and Edit To dates are dependent upon the calendar type set for the model in the Model Calendar tab in Model Settings > Time.

    In the Versions tab in Model Settings, select the version that requires editing to be restricted.
    Use the lists in the Edit From and Edit To fields to specify a date range for editing the version (you may have to scroll across to the right of the screen to see the Edit From and Edit To columns).


  • Hi @CommunityMember115525,

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    YES It is possible.


    It Can be done in 2 Ways

    1. Click Insert button in versions and Create a new Version.




    1.1 On the Right Side you can see Edit from and Edit to Column where you have to enter the time period.





    1.2 If you want to insert more than 1 version, you have to create a CSV file, and you have to mention Edit from and Edit to columns for the version that you have to assign the time range.


    1.3 Click import button on versions tab to import the CSV file into versions.






    1.4 Finally you see the module with versions as a dimension looks like this.101.JPG



    You can also place this import action into a dashboard for ease of use.


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  • @CommunityMember115525 


    To be clear in what @ben_speight  stated, end users will not be able to make those adjustments, just Workspace Admins.



  • If you go with the solution that @prabhu provided, please be very careful in that you can **** up your model because every module using the out of the box Version list will have ALL of the versions.  Currently, there is not a way to subset them.  Now, you could use a custom list for Versions and mimic the native functionality, but again, this needs to be decided by use case.


    I would recommend reading David Smith's article on Versions and Custom Versions: Link 



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    And the Answer is "To Version or Not to Version?" by @DavidSmith



    You can thank him:)


    Hope that helps