Linking two modules with two different dimension


Hi All,

I have an issue that I may need some help with. Below is the sample table:



Gencon Module (Source) - GenCon List

Inventory Module (Target) - Inventory List


Gencon Module is the transactional data of the client. In the Gencon Module it is normal to see multiple transaction code with different Start Date, End date and Status.


Inventory Module is the filtered version of the Gencon Module. Only the Transaction ID with Fully Paid status and those transaction ID without duplicates and End Date will be displayed as Unsold.


The Inventory Table above is the expected result. The Table below is the current result that we got:



we tried using If else condition but we have an error level dimension mismatch.


Appreciate the help.



Best Answer

  • Ingilavicus



    The first thing that comes to mind is adding value to status, assuming that Transaction is a dimension and in the source, the transaction column is formatted as Transaction dimension and in the result, the transaction is one of the dimensions.  So by adding value to Status and summing it up you could decode what has happened, and if it's more than two then you might find something like paid twice if that's possible. 







  • Hi Adris,


    Appreciate your feedback. I did flag the item from the source to determine which of the code has a status of Fully Paid. The result of the target module should return the status of the unique transaction code with only Fully Paid status and Transaction code that is unique whether it is cancelled.