Add 'spacer' cards to new UX.


Adding spacer cards would be a great way to easily change the look and feel of the new UX. A workaround exists by using blank text cards with no background, however I think spacer cards could add more functionality as:

  • You could precisely dial in the size of the spacer.
  • Spacers could come with default vector images to improve visualisation (e.g. lines or borders).
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  • Agree this is a great idea, I currently do use text cards but this would definitely improve visualisation on the dashboards.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Agreed.  The main challenge here is inability to resize of the cards.  The only way to do that is to add yet more content just for the sake of it. 

    Inserting a 'blank' would help.

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