Move a start_date and a end_date from a flat module to a module with Timesc

Step 1 - A flat module allows to enter data of recruitment of permanent or temporary staffs. Step 2 - I wish to charge months from the start_date until the end_date of exit, when it exists, or the end of timescale if end_date doesn't exist. If I succeed in putting my indicators correctly, I don't manage to recover dates. Anybody has an idea?

Best Answers

  • Perhaps you could have a boolean that tests to see if the employee is active/current with a formula such as:

    Embauches.Date entree <= END() AND (Embauches.Date sortie >= START() OR ISBLANK(Embauches.Date sortie))

    So the boolean would be true if they are an active employee, then you could use a conditional to pull the rate:

    If Active Employee then Charge else 0
  • If you are going to have blanks for the start date for some employees and want to consider them as active employees, you could try a formula like this for the boolean:

    (Embauches.Date entree <= END() OR ISBLANK(Embauches.Date entree)) AND NOT (Embauches.Date sortie <= START() AND ISNOTBLANK(Embauches.Date sortie))
  • Yes, this would have to go through another module or line item(s) with subsidiary view(s), since the numbered list is a dimension in Embauches but it is not a dimension of MS Embauches.


  • Sorryy Ryan but it doesn't work.
    I tried several combinations which give nothing. Maybe I have to pass by an intermediate module?