Logical Functions-IF ELSE statement - Trying to apply condition where line item text contains "DEC"

Hi there

I wish to populate the line item "FY TEST" with the future financial year when any "Dec" month is selected in line item

"End Period (Last Actual)"   For example, return "FY20" in "FY TEST" when "Dec 19" is selected in "End Period (Last Actual)".


The formula I have tried to write for line item "FY TEST" is below but the syntax is not correct.


IF End Period (Last Actual) = Dec% THEN PARENT('End Period (Last Actual)') + 1 ELSE PARENT('End Period (Last Actual)')


Can someone please assist with providing the correct syntax for this formula?


Many thanks


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  • Yash1
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    Hi @gcaldis ,


    You may use a formula like :


    IF MONTH('End Period(Last Actual)') = 12 THEN FY + 1 ELSE FY + 10




    I have used FY + 10 else to display a blank, assuming there won't be more than 10 years in application. You can use some other else depending upon your specific requirement.








  • Hi,

    Or just simply use ELSE BLANK at the end to be sure the cells there is no undesired outcome.