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Currently we have an instance were business users are required to provide commentary to forecast data every month, for board presentation. However, if we publish the line item (with text format) on the page using a KPI card the user is unable to do line break or any text formatting, but rather text content comes out has block of text. We have figured out a way using the excel plugin, where we enter the commentary from excel using the text formatting options and update the data on the page. However, it would be beneficial to have some functionality for this option, so the user are able to enter the commentary straight on the page.


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  • Hello,

    For line break you can use Ctrl+Alt+Enter



  • Asslam

    @dmitrii.mamaev , thanks. This does not work with the line item published on the new UX, Plus we also need other formatting options such as bullets, bold , etc. This would be a good enhancement in the new UX.

  • This would be really helpful.

    We are in the same situation as @Asslam . Users need to provide commentary and having formatting options (bulet point, bold, italic, colors) is critical

  • We also need to be able to copy and paste from other data sources that may contain formatting - bullets / tabs.


    At the moment the UX rejects this input. 

    would be great if it can accept the formatted text. Or at worst remove the formatting and accept the text. 

  • This would be a really helpful feature

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