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Content pane shows dashboard grouping as a header but the problem with it is that when anyone clicks on this group name then all the unlined dashboards open which is inappropriate behaviour.
Control such vital features to behaviour like that.
It will improve user experience!
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  • @CommunityMember126793 

    I'd like to understand what you found a little more. 

    I wasn't sure if this was a question about how to set up content using security or was an actual security issue you discovered.


    If it's the former then:

    On the content pane, you control what modules and dashboards users see and don't see, by role. You can even control workspace administrator's content view.

    The headers are established based on the functional areas you set up. See example below.


    If it's the latter: please post an example, preferably a screenshot of what you're seeing. I'd like to replicate the issue.


    This model has about 100 modules but only a handful show up in the content page because of the way I set up the contents by role. I rarely grant access to modules, usually just dashboards but you decide which and how many they can see by role.



    here is where you set up functional areas.





  • Hi Jared, like in your example only.. if you click on "SUM FUNCTION" / "FORWARD COVER" then all the underline dashboards will open. My query is on the same lines itself. It shouldn't be the case.


    This is an issue!



    Hope you have got the clarity!


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