How to Lookup in different dimensions


Hi everyone,


I have two module.

I want to post values from a module that does not have a date dimension to a module that has a date dimension.

Also, there are two target Line Items.


The mounting image is as follows.




I would appreciate your advice. 


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  • Hello,
    Unfortunately I have some misunderstanding about 2 target line items, so I'll give formula as I understand:

    Module A is flat, 'Item' column is List 'ITEM' formated?

    Are you really need to enter List member? Not a value? 

    What about module B dimensions are: time(date) and ITEM,  Line item with number format that show count of ITEM in Module A 


    If it's OK, so you can add system line item in module A with value '1'

    Item1='Module A'.'system line item'[sum:'Module A'.'date'] 

    The same formula is for Place


    Hope that I understood the problem correct, and my post is useful.


  • Hello


    Thank you for your reply.


    I tried and got an error.
    I get the error message "Dimension of mapping used for aggregation doesn't match any dimension of the source".
    Module B uses a list of dates as a calendar, not a Time, for the dimension.


    Is there any other solution? I am very troubled...


    Best regards.



  • What is the format of 'Module A'.'Date'?

    Could you please give screenshots of blueprints? 

  • Thank you for your reply.


    Please see it.

    There are ModuleA's blueprint and ModuleB's blueprint.





    Best regards.



  • Dmitrii.


    Thank you for your support.


    It is very easy to understand.I'll try and get back to you.


    I have a question.

    How do I display the corresponding values for Item1 and Place1, and Item2 and Place2?


    Best regards,