Import error formula


Hi Members,


I am adding formulas to the properties, I am thrown this error.

The actual output (mentioned as output in pic) is shown.

Please assist me with the correction, that needs to be done.






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  • AlejandroGomez


    hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    I have noticed a couple of issues in the attached pics:

    1. in your "SS 4" pic, I have noticed that you are trying to use a different list in the FINDITEM formula:



    As you can see, you are working with LIST "ABC. Order Quantities Patent" whereas in your formula your are trying to use the codes from the list "Order Quantities Parent". Even if both lists have the same items, both lists are not related to each other for Anaplan, therefore you cannot use the code from a 3rd list for this purpose.


    In other words: you can only use name, code or properties of the list where you are trying to implement the FINDITEM function (or module where that list applies).


    2. Then you are trying to use CODE to Find items from "ABC L2 Brand", whereas you do not have CODE in your list "ABC, Order Quantities Parent" (as per pic "SS 3").


    So, my first suggestion for you would be to replace CODE by NAME in your formula at "ABC. Order Quantities Parent", since names on both lists seem to be the same. Otherwise, make sure that the items from both lists have the same codes. Id est, replace the underlined formula by this one: FINDITEM('ABC. L2 Brand',NAME(item('ABC. Order Quantities Parent')))




    Else, apply the same formula as per your pictures in list "Order Quantities Parent" instead of "ABC. Order Quantities Parent".


    Please, let me know if it works.