Add option to search for data anywhere within the table of a module, not just the rows dimension


Pretty self-explanatory but I want the ability to search for data or text or part of a formula anywhere within a module, not just the rows column. Identical to what Excel does with ctrl+f.

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  • @jk1nn1ck 

    For model builders you can do this with a FIND() command and/or statements.

    Having the native capacity would be nice, though.

    End users last I saw this was supposed to be part of the AI implementation that it would search the whole model. Which given a filter to that feature that is module specific would make sense.

  • For some clients, we've added a line item that is a simple text string combining all searchable values into a single text format.. and then tied that into a boolean FIND() based on a user-level wildcard search input... works nice and is akin to the requested feature.


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