Snap to grid on dashboards


It would be really useful to have a snap to grid feature in both the new and old UX dashboards.

New UX

Vertical snapping: currently none.

Horizontal snapping: limited useability.

Improvement: allow users to snap to grid vertically and also allow users to adjust the grid size (by percent or pixels).

Old UX

No snap to grid is in the old UX.

Implementing this would really add a layer of polish to both Anaplan and dashboards within the platform. Again, allowing users to adjust the grid size.

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  • Having just done some New UX work, find the snap to the horizontal (the twelve columns presumably) to be pretty much ok.

    Agreed on the snap in the other direction. Though not sure what would be defined as a snap point.

  • @Nicolas Cadier @Miran 


    Building on @andrewtye's question for vertical snap points:


    I'd propose that vertical snap points be tied to the height of a grid row, and that horizontal snap points use the same scale, or perhaps 1/2 the row height if a bit more control is desired. 


    As a corollary, dashboard grid heights should be free to be specified in terms of number of rows to display, with a minimum of 0, showing only column headings; or a user-specified value Min_rows, which may well show Min_rows blank rows to simply occupy space on the dashboard and keep the relative position of other elements below and/or to the right. 


    A maximum height should also be optionally specified as well to ensure desired relative positioning of neighboring elements below and to the right.


    The same scale could/ought to be used for text boxes, buttons (which might have a minimum height/width of 2, e.g.), etc. 


    I confess that I haven't really thought through how this would impact mobile users, but I'm hoping someone else who devotes a lot more intellectual real estate to mobile UX can build on what I've proposed.

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