Attribute Module for Inbuilt Users List

Suppose I have a module with Inbuilt Users list as a dimension (No other list should be used as a dimension in that module). Now if I can create a line item which will pull the attributes from Users Command of Anaplan into this module. Just click and refer. For example If I want to see what is the model role of the User I can simply go to User Attribute module and pull the info by one click. Same for selective access, checking WS admin access so on and so forth.


It will be great for user management






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  • @Misbah,

    I actually advocate that you do it the other way.

    You manage your users access in a module, omitting admins, (set in a different module/view) and use imports to manage your users access and update their roles in the Users option in your model settings tab.

    The reason this is, if you suddenly need to add a splintered or shorten your hierarchy tower but need to keep your selective access it isn't terrible difficult to manage in a module to do that, but to double select all of the users accesses in the users list is most definitely a pain. It also allows you to set up validations for automation purposes so that an automated process doesn't con-fumble your admin accesses if something goes totally wrong.

    This solves for your idea in today's framework and gives you far more flexibility in your model.


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • I used sometimes the "users master modules" in order to update the real "Users" lists launching actions to update the security (roles, Read, Write, etc..)


    However, an admin can still go directly in "Users" tab and manually change the security, roles, etc. making the security setup not aligned with the "users master modules". 


    It would be very useful to have available functions that retrieve the "Users" security properties: roles, Read, Write flags for the lists where "Selective access" was activated. 


    Imagine this scenario: an user has "Write" access only on some cost-centers but "Read" access on ALL "cost-centers".


    For an input data module, I would like to filter and show only the "Write" access cost-centers. 

    To do this, I should do both actions: setup security Write/Read on Cost-centers list and again manually flag the "Write" cost-centers for every user.


    It would be very useful to be able to create the "Write" cost-center flag using the security setup information and not being necessary to do manually the second action and have the possibility to be not-aligned. 



  • This would be helpful for members of our FP&A team who are not model builders but get questions from end users regarding their access.  Today they have no ability to self serve when it comes to these types of requests and must defer to the admin team.  Not hugely problematic but as our use cases grow this become more difficult to manage from our small centralized team of workspace admins.

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  • @VickiA 


    What kind of info? Will be happy to provide any info related to the idea

  • Thanks for your reply @Misbah 


    Would it be possible to provide some screenshots to give us more of an idea of what you are looking for?







  • Here is what I think 


    We have Native Users List in Anaplan .Currently there is no way I can get the attributes of my Users into Line items of any module by referring to Users Section of Anaplan


     My idea was to use native USERS list as a dimension into modules and somehow extract the attributes of Users from Users section of Anaplan like Model Role, Whether admin or not, Whether selective access enabled or not and the trickier part is Selective Access. What that means is that this system module has all the necessary information that is in User Section of Anaplan and since it will be formula driven it will be dynamic in nature. 


    Let me know if that helps

  • Hi @Misbah 


    Thanks again for your reply. 

    I will pass this over to one of our Product Managers and will get back to you if they require any more information.





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