New UX: Ability to sort columns/rows via Show/Hide in worksheets

Currently, the end user cannot change the order of list items displayed in columns/rows in the worksheet pages. In the old UX, while selecting items to show/hide, you can change the order of the list items.


With this enhancement, the end users can customize their "My Pages" better and it will eliminate the need to utilize additional sorted saved views from the old UX.

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  • And of course if you do create a "saved view" with the ordering right then you lose the native functionality of New UX. The only way I could get around it was to go back to the model and re-order the line items appropriately which that meant the module didn't look right.

  • Exactly and it's the same with list items. You need to either edit the list itself which is not ideal or utilize saved views.

  • Yes please! This should be definitely possible. As said, we would prefer to take advantage of NUX functionalities, and not used saved views, but we are forced to do so quite often. 

  • We are planning on adding enhanced selections to the view designer so you can select and re-order line items via a show/hide context menu. This will also allow you to select different line item columns within different nesting similar to classic.


    This means you can now create the views you need using the UX no longer requiring saved module views.

  • Status changed to: New
  • Status changed to: New

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